Introductory Orientation
This LINKS section is another tool for use in the studying that all Humanians should do in order to be able to participate effectively in our working together toward the increasing emergence of Humanianity within our species. These links are to sites outside of the website, consisting especially of YouTube videos. These sites do not necessarily represent positions that any Humanian should take (in order to be consistent with the HUEP), but instead provide stimulus for thought and discussion with others. Humanianity is the emergence of a new kind of ethics (rational ethics based upon the Humanian ultimate ethical principle, as opposed to authoritarian ethics, ethics based on obedience to the most powerful), that emergence being in its infancy at present. So to be Humanian would imply believing in working on one's ethical thinking, including one's existential beliefs, and this work is best done when one's current ethical thinking is challenged. These sites are designed to challenge current ethical thinking. To the right of each video are comments to help provoke thought. Discussion with other Humanians is available in the FORUM (link below). Basic Humanianity-related concepts are in the HOME section (link below).