I am spiritual (I think)

Does one have to believe in spirits in order to have it? What does the word mean? What are the necessary requirements? Can a Bright be spiritual? Is spirituality always, sometimes, or never good?
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I am spiritual (I think)

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We talk about spirited discussions, about doing things with spirit, about having a good spirit, etc.

Many of us have noted that scientists have failed to find evidence for spirits, and those of us that do not believe in spirits surely feel that they should not be regarded as inferior members of our species.

Yet "spirituality" is a highly regarded attribute, considered very beneficial to those that have it.

The meaning, as far as I can tell, has always been ambiguous, and I think there has even been a tendency to avoid pinning it down with a generally accepted definition, at least agreed upon socially.

What it means to me, in terms that are consistent with Humanianity, is the ability and tendency to experience much appreciation accompanied by joy.  Appreciating an activity and enjoying it would be doing it in a spirited fashion.

However, people also speak of individuals as being "mean-spirited," so the spirited part apparently can also refer to negative attitudes and motivational states, suggesting that the word has to do with the intensity of the emotion rather than whether it is positive or negative.

Nevertheless, I regard myself as very spiritual.  I am so, so appreciative of this opportunity to live and be a part of our wonderful species (even if it is in its infancy psychosocially).

Bill Van Fleet

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