Listed here is information that may be of interest to Humanians everywhere.


In the past, when an individual arrived at the FORUM, before signing in, the forums would not be visible, and the statement "This board has no forums" would be displayed. Now a new arrival will be able to view all the forums and posts. (Signing in is necessary, of course, in order to post.)


The recently changed "TALK" link (from what used to be "LINKS"), has now been changed again, to "CONVERSATIONS." This is because there has been a significant change in that section. The section first contained links to external sites, and then HUMANIANITY CONSERVATIONS was added. Now the links to external sites has been removed, because it has become apparent that those links to external sites were getting outmoded, and needed upkeep since some of them were disappearing. So this section is now dedicated only to the Humanianity Conversations.


What used to be a link at the bottom of the page called "LINKS" has been changed to "TALK," and this section now contains a new series of YouTube conversations between Bill Van Fleet (BVF), a Humanian that has built this website (humanianity.com), and various individuals who have become interested in the Humanianity concept. This new series is labeled "HUMANIANITY CONVERSATIONS."


Significant improvements have been made in the content of the HOME section of the website, especially in the first two pages (GENERAL INTRO and SPECIFIC INTRO). The improvements have to do with clarifying the nature of Humanianity, and how the concept relates to Religion. In particular, the essential role of rationality is now clarified to a much greater extent.


It used to be a requirement of a Humanian organization registered in the Belief Manual that it have a website, and that the URL for that website be shown so that people could go to that website if wished. However, now a Humanian organization can be registered without the showing of a URL to a website, so that even organizations without such a website can be registered.


A new version of the Humanian Belief Manual is now operative, that has much better capabilities for allowing communication between registered members through the Belief Manual itself (rather than through the FORUM). This includes COMMENTS under specific proposed beliefs as well as messages to another registered member whose Belief Manual one is VISITing.


The CHALLENGE page of the HOME section has been drastically improved.


The HOME section of the website has been improved further. "OUR SPECIES' MOST FUNDAMENTAL CHALLENGE" is now under its own heading, "CHALLENGE." The whole HOME section is better organized and presented.


Again, the HOME section of the website has been markedly improved. Most of this improvement has been in the FUNDAMENTAL page, especially under the portion partway down the page, with the heading "OUR MOST FUNDAMENTAL CHALLENGE."


The HOME section has just been revised, with the page "TO DO" being replace by "YOU" and "YOUR ORG(S)," offering a much better explanation of how an individual can personally benefit from participation.


A new feature of the Humanian Belief Manual is that while viewing the proposed beliefs in it, by clicking on "STUDYING" you can view one or more beliefs that you have indicated you wish to study. If more than one, they will be shown one under another, so that the wording of each can be compared. If you are registered and signed in, you can vote on those beliefs right then while you are viewing them in this manner.


It is now possible to comment on the beliefs in the Belief Manual (as opposed to going to the FORUM to do so). However, this is meant only for simple issues having to do with placement of beliefs in the Belief Manual. Discussion of the beliefs themselves is more appropriate in the FORUM, which is far more capable of supporting such discussions.


The new LINKS section is now complete, with several YouTube videos presented for study.


Now the PODCAST section automatically enables reading along when listening to the three books.


The HOME section has been drastically improved in organization, with a menu along the top. It should be much more understandable now.


The best overview of the Humanianity concept now is the podcast "Introduction: Comprehensive, important overview of Humanianity and this website" in the "PODCASTS" section.


Within the past two weeks, a new, major part of the website has been added, namely, the portion labeled "PODCASTS." The plan is to keep adding to this collection, as they become available. Currently, the best overview of the Humanianity concept is in Episode 1 of the Prather Interviews. A more comprehensive podcast on that subject is planned.


This website, overall, has been improved quite a bit regarding ease of navigation from one part of it to another. The links at the bottom of the page should be self-explanatory.


The BASIC ORIENTATION for the Belief Manual has been greatly simplified and improved. (It is what a person first sees upon going to the Belief Manual site).


The Home page has again been updated, with a presentation at the end of the page of how an individual can specifically participate in the Humanianity project.


The Home page has once again been updated to give a clearer explanation of the Humanianity concept. In particular, the term for the ultimate ethical principle commitment to which is the definition of being Humanian has been changed from "rational-ethical ultimate ethical principle" (REUEP) to "Humanian ultimate ethical principle" (HUEP). The reason for the change is that there can be other ultimate principles to basic ethical philosophies that are nevertheless rational-ethical. Authoritarian ethics, however, implying that the most powerful should be obeyed, allows for non-rational ethics because whoever or whatever is most powerful could be non-rational. Humanianity, then, is a movement from authoritarian ethics, which is part of our basic animal nature (shared with other higher animals), to rational ethics, but also to rational ethics that has as its ultimate ethical principle specifically the HUEP.


The Home page has just been updated to give a much clearer explanation of the Humanianity concept.


A new feature has been added to the Belief Manual. A person just starting out to build his or her Belief Manual may now make his or her Belief Manual be identical with that of another individual's Belief Manual, rather than going through the process of voting on each belief one by one. This would only be sensible if the individual had reason to belief that his or her own beliefs were fairly similar to those of the other individual. After doing this, the individual would need to go through the new Belief Manual and change any votes considered not accurate. Another option would be to make his or her Belief Manual consist only of all those beliefs endorsed by his or her Humanian organization or endorsed by an organization whose Belief Manual he or she was visiting. Still another option would be to make his or her Belief Manual consist of all beliefs that have been endorsed by at least one organization. Finally, there is now the option to empty one's Belief Manual (except for the REUEP, considered automatically accepted by virtue of the definition of Humanianity). These new options are not likely to be used much, but might be considered very helpful in some cases.


An individual may now, while visiting another individual's Belief Manual, easily send a brief email message to that individual, and receive a copy of what was sent. This will be an easy way to invite another individual to discuss some issue in the Forum, for example. The Belief Manual promises to be a very useful tool for our species to develop a basic ethical philosophy, that is always under development and always open to question. It should be a very useful study guide and stimulus for discussion for all religious organizations and any family or group of individuals wishing to become more optimally ethical. (By "optimally" is meant "consistent with the REUEP.")


The Belief Manual has been upgraded with not only improved presentation but also very important capability. It is now possible for the individual to compare directly his or her Belief Manual with that of any other individual or organization. For more complete understanding of the Belief Manual, it is recommended that the (yellow) ASK buttons be clicked.


The Belief Manual has undergone another major change. Anyone can construct his or her Belief Manual, as before, but such Belief Manuals can be seen by anyone else. Anyone, even if not registered with the website can see any Belief Manuals of any individuals or organizations.


A major improvement new in the Belief Manual component has been accomplished. The requirement to register belonging to a specific Humanian organization in order to indicate agreement (or disagreement) with beliefs in the Belief Manual has been removed. Any individual can register with the website, and even if he or she is not a member of any specific Humanian organization, he or she can "vote" on the beliefs. Thus, a person can construct his or her own, personal Belief Manual. If he or she does join a Humanian organization and registers that in the Belief Manual, then his or her votes will contribute to that organization's Belief Manual.


The Belief Manual component has just been upgraded to make it much, much more functional. Now, individuals can participate in this important activity without having to meet together as a group. There is much greater functionality and clarity with regard to ways of participating. It will take some time for the full value of these changes to be apparent. Anyone participating by registering at the website, registering their membership in one of the Humanian organizations, and then "voting" on the suggested beliefs in the Belief Manual will be making it more apparent to others how valuable a resource this will be for our species, and how valuable a resource it can be for one's own personal, ethical development.


The Belief Manual component of the Humanianity website is now fully functional, and, additionally, has some demonstration Humanian organizations, which have endorsed some beliefs, so that it is now possible to see more clearly the potential of the Belief Manual and the way in which it works. These demonstration Humanian organizations will be removed when a few actual organizations become fully operational (e.g., have enough members and have started endorsing beliefs). We have a long way to go before we have almost worldwide agreement regarding a basic ethical philosophy for our species. But we will have a far, far better life at that time by virtue of this effort, which of course has to start out at very close to zero activity. You are encouraged to study and participate in this effort, and be a part of one of the most important processes that our species can be undergoing.


A major improvement in the Humanianity website has just been launched--the Humanianity Belief Manual, allowing for world-wide participation in its development. This development will, of course, be quite slow at first, but should accelerate over the coming years and decades. At last there is a central place for all of us to come together and develop a basic ethical philosophy for our species, so important for our increasingly complex future. The Belief Manual is a study guide for all of us, developed by all of us, to aid us in our personal religious development and to use in our child rearing. It is the effort to develop within each of us a set of ethical beliefs that are consistent with the Humanian ultimate ethical principle (REUEP), and that enable us to supervise and guide the more primitive parts of our brains. The Belief Manual is designed to be self-explanatory, and will become progressively easier to understand with continuing use. With the passage of time, there will probably be additional improvements. The Forum has been unused for a long time, and should be improved in structure and functioning in the near future, it being the proper place for in-depth exploration of differences in belief.


Humanianity of USA/NC/Charlotte met today. Five members and one guest discussed basic questions about the Humanianity project, and agreed it is worth continuing. Methods of moving ahead (fostering growth and recognition) were discussed. The group will meet each first and third Sunday.


The first meeting of the first Humanian organization (Humanianity of USA/NC/Charlotte) is scheduled to be held on 2/3/2013.